Handcrafted is a Lifestyle

Handcrafted is more than just a style… its a Way of  Life

I love hand crafted items… in fact I prefer them to anything that can be purchased new.  You’d be hard pressed to walk into any room in my house and not find at least a few handcrafted items, including my bathrooms.  Whether the are from someone I know and love or even just someone from a street fair, it does my heart good to see them everyday.

We moved into this home 6 months ago, in the wake of my mothers very painful and untimely death.  As such I have barely unpacked anything and nothing has yet found its home, but I do have a few of my hand made goodies lying about.  Many of these items are made by family, the hand crocheted throws my mother made, the furniture my grandfather built or the blocks he made for me when I was a child that my daughter now adores and the lathe art paintings he has designed , the needlepoint my grandmother stitched, the paintings my uncle has made, the teddy bears my aunt made with my mothers clothing after she passed,or even the  crocheted decorations that I have created.  I also have many items that have been purchased from local designers and friends.  But whatever it is I enjoy knowing it was made with someones hands, rather than mass produced in a factory.

Many of my handmade items are things I wear or use everyday.  Maybe one of my many clutches made by my aunt or one of the aprons she made for me.  The jewelry I have designed or one of the many sets of hats and scarves that have been made by myself or another member of my family.  I even have sweaters that my grandmother designed over 20 years ago that will be handed down to my children.

One reason I prefer handcrafted to store bought is because I know my dollars are going to support an actual person and not some CEO who makes more than he knows what to do with.  I am keeping a mom and pop store open, or helping someone who is homebound due to an illness, or a mother who has to stay home to take care of her children.  I am helping to send a little girl to ballet classes or a little boy to play Tball.

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